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Established in 2003 at New Delhi, INTEGRATED COMPUTER TECH,  today, is a reputed name in the IT industry. Initially set up to market computer peripherals and accessories, the Company has since grown by leaps and bounds. Stretching It's clientage in both public and private sectors including B2B and B2C relationships.
INTEGRATED COMPUTER TECH gives a 360 degree overlook to its customers for aligning their IT needs with the changing business & technological environment, thereby ensuring increased ROI's. With proven excellence in operations management, world-class managerial capabilities, sound technology and infrastructure, 

INTEGRATED COMPUTER TECH provides up to date and reliable services to all its customers.  



 "To lead the IT industry by creating a trail of happy customers" 



<<   Enlarging our role in the supply chain of computer peripherals and accessories as a certified dealer / retailer in India and Abroad.

<<   To prioritize customer's satisfactions by providing tailor made IT solutions.